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Season Two

Featured - A chat among hosts

This engaging and fun convo with Kevin, the founder and host of Aam Aadmi Podcast gives you a full understanding of what the AAP team strives for as a talk show. Tune in as he spills some behind-the-scenes secrets to Reshma, one of the current hosts of Season Two!

Video List

Meet Lihan || AAP || Aam Aadmi Podcast || S2: Episode 1 || Lihan Mendis || Tharusha Kumarasinghe

Meet Lavanya || Aam Aadmi Podcast || S2: Episode 2 || Lavanya Gudelli || Be the Change || Reshma Ann

On the record with Azra Assan || Aam Aadmi Podcast || S2: Episode 3 || Azra Assan || Muaad Razick

A chat between hosts || Aam Aadmi Podcast || Season two || Kevin John || Reshma Mani

Meet Parizae: the voice of passion || AAP || S2 || Ep 4 || Pakistan || Parizae Azhar || Perniya

Popular - Meet Lihan: Actor, Workhorse, and Mentor

Lihan believes in being versatile in every role he embodies. This objective became even more dear to him during COVID and the socio-economic crisis in Sri Lanka. His love for theatre and acting has taken him to places far beyond his expectations, widening his network and allowing his skills to grace the big screen!

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