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Voice Your Story

Are you someone who likes to share stories from your life experiences? We are all ears! 

Do you wanna create awareness in society about topics that are considered taboo? We are here for you!

We help you voice your opinions, share your stories, and also inspire others  to bring a change in other people’s lives!

Come, speak your heart out!

Let’s talk!

A place to voice your life experiences. A channel for the people made by the people. Videos that speak the truth, real-life incidents, success journeys and failures.

A channel that podcasts the voice of a common man. At Aam Aadmi Podcast, we invite you to join us for a discussion where you open up your heart and soul, speak up for yourself, for the people who are just like you and me.  

Still not ready? Watch common people talk about their topics of interest in Season One of the series.

Season One Episodes

Scared of Being a Man

Arjun Doney & Family

Social Dilemma & Vipassana

Season Two is here!

We are back with some exciting episodes and this season, we’ve taken a global approach to bring stories of common people around the world. We’ve started off the new season with podcasts from Sri Lanka and stay tuned to watch more inspiring stories from other countries!

Have a story to share?

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